Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie

Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk

Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk Games is now one of the most popular Android action games. The game is a great blend of stickman and zombies, and it immerses players in an exciting zombie stick fight in order to save captives. Play stickman warriors’ most strategic epic battle games.

In each level of the Anger of Stick Man game, you must defeat all enemies and save the hostage. For stickman combat, make use of the numerous fighting combinations available and improve your weapons to boost your devastation radius and chances of survival.


Perform epic backflip stunts while using the Slow Motion effect, making the stickmen’s jaws drop at your skill! Remember, you’re a stickman killer who will eliminate all opponents in order to win! So grab a weapon, activate your killer mode, and annihilate all stickman foes! Don’t be alarmed – they’re completely painless!


Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk has a wide range of powerful Shadow heroes and warriors, so pick your favourite and explore this new universe.

Those masters of martial arts have their own fighting methods, assassination techniques, and ultimate talents, so if you could manage to put the appropriate warriors together in the correct combination, your phone would have numerous spectacular effects that captivate people around! That’s how we’d like to play as well! More Supreme Heroes, friends, and enjoyment!

It is also advised that you turn up the volume to get the most out of this game. Each hero’s sound effects are unique, allowing you to experience the intensity of the battle.

How to Play:-

Step 1:- To battle all of these stickman opponents within structures, tap, leap, punch, and kick nonstop.

Step 2:- Take advantage of the numerous combat action abilities available, such as melee and range combos, as well as stick fighting.

Step 3:- Survive among the ruins of a city by tactically employing machine guns and weaponry.

Step 4:- In your mission to eliminate the universe of these terrifying stick creatures, walk through towns, wood crates, iron closets.

Step 5:- In stickman games, save the hostage inside the iron frame and complete the level.


  • Both Single and Zombie modes are available.
  • Make strategic use of helicopters and machine guns.
  • The realistic effects on the movement and items of the characters have been enhanced.
  • A wide range of realistic movements and activities have been modified.
  • Purchase powerful robots and unleash devastating weapons.
  • It simply takes 30MB to download and install on your phone.

Other Features:-

  • For all stunts and shooting, the most realistic ragdoll physics!
  • Knives, firearms, sights, and brass knuckles are all part of the hitman’s arsenal.
  • Real-life experience of annihilating a stickman
  • Destroy the stickmen with everything you have at your disposal.
  • Cool talents for dealing with stickman foes
  • The ragdoll effect adds to the game’s dynamic nature; you’ll never get bored!
  • Parkour feats are simple to control.
  • Improve your hitman and backflip abilities.


Step 1:- Open Google Play Store

Step 2:- Tap to Search Bar

Step 3:- Type Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk

Step 4:- Click on Install Button

Step 5:- Click on Open Button

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