Best Strategy Games like Age of Empires

If you love historical real-time strategy video games like AoE, then check out the list of similar games like age of empires with details.

Age of Empires 


Strategy Games like Age of Empires is series of game in which more than 20 games are released and some are yet to be released. Age of empire is a series, basically real time historical strategy game which is developed by the Ensemble Studios and were published by the Xbox game studios. The first game in age of empire series was released in 1997 and named same as of series Age of Empires. The game focused on the historical events in Europe, Africa and Asia from Stone Age to classical period. That is why it became so famous due to its real time graphics and events.  In whole over world, there was total 20 million copied sold out of age of empire series.

Age of Empires


There are many games like Age of Empires, but none can take place of it. It is my one of favorite games and I am high addicted of it. The Ensemble studio also released and published the age of mythology in age of empire series which mainly focused on mythological events rather than historical events. If you go through internet, you will find bunch of top games like age of empires, some of those are comes with free version and with excellent graphics. So you can try them if you want to play some exciting and best games like Age of Empires. We have researched and found out some excellent alterative games like Age of Empires. Have a look buddy!


Similar Games like Age of Empires


Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon


The one of the games like age of empires and originally from same series is a spin off game. The Age of mythology is developed by same team that developed the Age of empires that is The Ensemble studios. The first version of Age of Mythology was developed and published in 2002 in North America and later in Europe. The age of mythology is slightly different than Age of empires type games for xbox one. Instead of historical events, the age of mythology contains the mythological events that takes place in Atlantics. The age of mythology covers the story of Greek, Norse and Egyptian gods who established the civilization. You have to build your army by spending and managing the resources. You play the game and defeat to other players using different abilities of gods. The first priority in the game is to defeat the enemy units and towns.  The age of Mythology was gone too famous that about 1 million copies were sold out within four months. Later they released the age of empires: The Titan and Extended Editions for Microsoft windows similar to age of empires & age of mythology type games . Available on – Microsoft windows, Steam 


StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty


StarCraft is another one of the age of empires like games.   It is generally military science fiction real time strategy game that was first developed and published by Blizzard entertainments for Microsoft windows and Macintosh in 2010. The game is expanded from StarCraft which is the first version of the game developed and published in 1998. StarCraft is widely popular in Asian countries and gamers practices often for the tournaments, where one to one and group vs. groups matches takes place. StarCraft is one of the best games like age of empires to play. It is the game with full of strategy and Tactics. The techniques in StarCraft involves up to 100 actions and strategies per seconds.  The StarCraft also supposed to be a one of the best esport game in gaming industry. You have different modes to play in StarCraft like you can move around the single player campaign to improve your skills and strategies. You can then go for real time online players battles where you fight with the aliens and hybrid of aliens-humans. I bet you that the StarCraft will surely glued for several hours and is games similar to age of mythology. Available on – Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS .


Rise of Nations: Extended Edition


The rise of the nation is one of the similar age of empires games. As name suggest, you play game in Stone Age and then move forward to future time. The very first version of Rise of nation similar games to age of empires was developed in the 2003 by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft game studios. Later the extended version is released in 2017 for windows 10 and Xbox as well as steam. You have to keep upgrading yourself in the game by often time. Else you could face your archers to the soldiers with cannons and rifles and that will be devastating.  The graphics of the game is great and you will love it. The Rise of nation mainly consist of 18 civilization you will face to for eight ages of history. You will have to overcome all the situation as the world changes if you want to survive. The rise of nation is alternatively one of the similar game to age of empires and if you are searching for age of empire style games here and there then you should give try to Rise of Nations. Available on- Microsoft windows, Steam



Stronghold Crusader


Stronghold crusader unbelievable real time strategy and age of empires like games. The game was developed early in the 2000s.  The graphics of stronghold crusader is little bit older and odd than other games and mainly you will experience the game is in the 2D graphics. Basically you play the role of crusader in the game who want to conquer in the Middle East area. You will face to other European crusaders as well as local crusaders. You must manage the resource in order to survive in the game. While attacking on the opponent, you have think fast and take action as fast as possible. The game is little bit old but one of my personal favorite in category of age of empires like games. Available on – Microsoft Windows



Empire Earth 3


The one of the best and awesome xbox one games like age of empires, the empire earth is a series of games and Empire earth 3 was developed and released in 2007. The very first game in the empire earth series was released in 2001 and was developed by Stainless Steel Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment. The game is best at its own level. Over a 2 million units of the game were sold out that proves that it is one of the best age of empires like game.  The game was previously only available for windows OS but later in 2005 it was also developed for mobile phones. In the game, player need to gather the resources in order to build the buildings or to populate their civilization. The game begins from pre historic era and spanning for over 500,000 years. The most interesting part of the game is heroes. You can build the heroes in the game at the center of the town. Two types of heroes are offered in the game. One of those heals surrounding buildings and other one have massive attacking power. Available on – Microsoft Windows, Macintosh


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So here is the list of top games like age of empires. Some of those are quite older but you will love it. I am personally fan of the age of empires and I think that no one can replace the age of empires. If you are familiar with any other game that you love and if you think that can replace the age of empires, then surely let us know in the comment section. Enjoy in Modsapkstores