Brother Squad - Metal Shooter

Brother Squad – Metal Shooter

Brother Squad – Metal Shooter


Here we are back again with the most engaging application that falls under the “Action & Shooter” category. The name of the application is Brother Squad – Metal Shooter . Developed by Gamee, Brother Squad Mod Apk is an action-packed 2D shooting game. In Brother Squad Alien Attack Mod Apk, aliens are going to attack your city. Being a warrior, your task is to build a decent army, train them to face the toughest situations, save the lives of city workers by defeating the aliens, come back to the city and take a well-deserved nap. 


Brother Squad Metal Shooter Apk is not just a shooting game, it is more of a strategy. Plan how to defeat and restrict aliens from entering the city. Remember they aren’t empty-minded. They will too have better plans and are always ready to checkmate you. Be careful, be very careful as they might surround the city and shoot you. Plan wisely and effectively to reduce your army’s slain. That’s how the gameplay goes on towards the thrilling end. The one with a perfectionist will get the glory.


About Brother Squad Mod Apk


Brother Squad – Metal Shooter was released by Gamee, Inc back on January 21st, 2020. Since then the application has been downloaded by 1 million + users from every corner of the country. The best part of the app is its low-end device compatibility. It comes 56.68MB in size and can be operated on any device having Android version 5.0 and up. As far as its ratings are concerned, Brother Squad Alien Attack Mod App for Android has 4.1 stars on Google Play Store which is Partially Average.


What makes Brother Squad Alien Attack Mod Apk so unique?


Delightful Graphics


When it comes to the graphics of Brother Squad Apk Hack, it is truly awesome. It’s gonna make you feel the vast and beautiful environment with weather and deadly time variations. For the exact feeling of Alien Attack, you must download Brother Squad – Metal Shooter Apk for android.


Light-weighted Gaming Application


The best of the game is its light-weighted nature and low-end device compatibility. The game is very small, just 56.68MB in size. Don’t be shocked. It works superbly even in a smaller size. In addition, it can be operated on any device having Android version 4.1 and up. 


Head-raising missions


With fighting in a war for your homeland, you have a diverse set of challenging missions to be completed during the war campaign. These missions are absolutely stunning and will make you engaged for hours. It includes carrier landing, bomb diving, torpedo bombing, escort, and much more.


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The Conclusion


Brother Squad Mod Apk is an action-based shooting game with a variety of weapons and features available. Make a strong team of warriors and defeat aliens in order to safeguard your city. Perhaps, that’s all from the article. Wish you a good day from Team Modsapkstores .

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