Minecraft APK + Mod v1.18.30.20 Free Download

Minecraft APK + Mod v1.18.30.20 Free Download

About What is Minecraft PE Mod Apk 

Minecraft Apk has always been about joining cubes and building things. The alpha pioneer version involved creating different paraphernalia in 3D space. The newest pocket version has made the game on the go. It’s fun and has numerous additions. The adventure takes a new level in the multiplayer scenario. The version is available on every Android Device. Pay once and you are ready to enjoy Minecraft Mod Apk on the move.

 If you are an  art lover than this game is surely for you . Minecraft APK is the game with full creativeness and creation . Here , you can build you own world and decorate it as your wish . This game is easily available in play store or app store . To enjoy this game you have to pay for it . This game is of 128 MB . So, this game does not take high storage in your mobile .  

Its genre is Arcade . It has free world . You can build anything according to your need and desire . There is lots of adventure in this game . It has brilliant 3D graphic designing which will provide you realistic view . You will be awarded by lots of reward in this game . There is facility of getting daily reward too . This game is easily available .

 Minecraft APK Free World

There is free world in this game where you can design and build your own world . You can build houses, statue , Apartments  and there are lots of option for you .  These crafts can be destroy too according to your wish .



Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18.2


In this digital era, whenever we feel down or bored, we discover or play our favorite game. Some people play horror games while others are interested in games based on the adventurous category. But today, we’re gonna introduce the game which can definitely rock and find a separate place in your heart. Yeah, we are talking about Minecraft PE Mods 1.17 Cave Update. 


Minecraft is a great variety of arcade games that includes things about joining cubes and building things. The application available on Play Store is in Paid version whereas in our article you’ll get it all free with Mod Features. Well, the name of our Modded version of Minecraft is Minecraft Mod Apk. Here you’ll get Unlocked premium Textures, Unlocked Premium Skins, and unlimited Breath.

Minecraft Mod Apk is the modded version of the original Minecraft Arcade game that includes various unlimited functionalities. Well, the game on the Play Store is available in Paid Version unlike we have it completely free of cost with no hidden charges. The game, as of now has passed around 10 Million + Downloads with top-rated ratings and reviews.

Minecraft PE Mod Apk

About Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk Download


We are back with another Apk i.e minecraft pe mod menu . It is available on google play store and has over 10Million+ downloads. The reviews and ratings of the game are also very good with over 3Million reviews. The game is owned by Mojang. The game has good graphics and a soft soundtrack which is really very comforting. In the game what you need to do is basically create a strategy and build up. You need to create and have unlimited sources to have weapons and defend against the enemies. The playing options are available such as if you want to survive alone or play a multiplayer game by inviting your friends. You also get options for playing against massive players from your connected Xbox. Download this amazing Apk game and enjoy it with  Minecraft Optifine .

Minecraft Mod Apk


NameMinecraft PE Mod APk
App LinkGet it Now
Size200 MB


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Features of Minecraft Mod Apk


  • Alpha Version for PC was released on May 17, 2009.
  • Full version was released on November 18,2011.
  • A version for Android October 7, 2011.
  • iOS version released on November 17, 2011
  • Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox 360 were released on May 9, 2012.
  • Released for Playstation 3 on 17 December, 2013.
  • Released for Playstation 4 on September 4,2014.
  • A Playstation Vitaon version was released on 14 October,2014.
  • The Windows phone version was released on December 10, 2011.


Extra Features Add in Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk


    1. You can connect with your Xbox and play.
    2. The graphics of the game are updated in the latest version.
    3. There is a marketplace where you get all the unique creations, maps, skins for your favorite creator.
    4. The option of “Realms” is given where you get to play with up to 10 friends.
    5. You get various options such as giving items away, changing the time of day, and many more.
    6. The bugs in the game are fixed in the latest versions.


Minecraft APK Build Anything

 You can build anything in the world of this game . You can build tall buildings, Apartments, Shopping Malls , Long breach , etc . This game provides you facility to build anything of your interest .

Minecraft APK Lots of Adventures

Here, in this game there is lots of adventure and fun . So, you will never get bore by this game . You can build lots of things according to your interest and desire .


Minecraft APK Brilliant 3D Graphics

This game has Brilliant and amazing graphics , picture quality , 3 D visualization , etc which provides you realistic view .


Minecraft APK Paid

This game is available in app store for IOS and play store for android version but you have to pay for it .


Minecraft APK Rewards

There you will get lots of amazing rewards  in this game .

Minecraft Daily Rewards

You will get daily reward in this game . These daily reward are so interesting and fantastic .


Minecraft APK Addictive

There are lots of amazing features in this game . It has fantastic and smooth game play . So, it may be addictive to you .


Minecraft APK Easily Available

This game is easily available which adds comfort in your life . Minecraft APK is available in your mobile .




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Triple Mode Fun in Minecraft PE Cheat!

  1. Three modes of Minecraft Apk Free download are available. The first mode is the survival mode. As the name says here you will only need to survive. Players are required to collect parts, build a world and then acquire resources to stay healthy.
  2. The second mode is the creative mode where the player acquires infinite resources to build the world. Here you can put all your imagination on screen. The additional skill to fly is another major advantage you get in this mode.
  3. The third mode is the adventure mode. The player has customised maps from another player. This mode is known to add different characters, scenes or quests to games making it interesting. The personal Computer version is popular for third party mods.

What’s new in the Minecraft Pocket Edition Download?


The pocket version has creative, adventure mode enabled of minecraft pe mod apk all texture packs. So you have infinite possibilities to create, combat, explore and have fun. Caves,biomes, buildings, mobs and villages. Go as far as your imagination and battery life takes you in Minecraft PE Mod Apk .

Version Info of Minecraft PE Mod Apk Download

  • MOD 1
  • Unlocked premium Textures.
  • Unlocked Premium Skins
  • MOD 2
  • Damage resistant Tools
  • No damage MOD
  • Max Score
  • Unlimited Breath.
  • Huge Inventory
  • Single strike hit with weapons.


Things to Explore in Minecraft PE Mod Apk


  • BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life-size.
  • COLLABORATE with other builders and create communal masterpieces together.
  • EXPLORE a whole new side to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time.
  • DISCOVER unique mobs like the muddy pig and mono boom, and use them to populate your builds.


Category of Arcade or Mod Apk



How to play Minecraft Mod Apk ?

Unlike complicated games where you need prerequisite knowledge. Here you just jump in and based on the mode you select you can start playing. It is one of the most convenient games. Here you are the protagonist of the story. You can create your own world. In survival mode players have to create their own world. The only other task left is to fight mob, darkness. Player hides in a reliable shelter. Gradually acquiring weapons in minecraft pe shaders mod apk.
If you choose the creative mode then the player is floating in the river. It can also fly. Use your imagination to create landscapes in nature. Houses, caves, biomes anything which you feel can be a utility. Include fantasy and create a magical world.


Easy to download

To download the game, simply follow the steps mentioned in this article so that it can be helpful for you to download. Also, it is completely free of cost and does not need to pay anything.



Easy to understand

Minecraft PE’s interface is so simple that within one hour of gameplay, you can easily navigate between the game and can understand everything well.



High-level graphics

Minecraft PE comes with high-level graphics. With arcade mode, you can now experience the world of 3D gaming here. In addition, its graphics are as smooth as butter when it falls on a hot pan.



[appbox googleplay screenshots com.mojang.minecraftpe ]

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  • Since nothing is prerequisite everything is to be designed by yourself. It’s interesting and seems easy. But finding everything on your own can tickle your senses for several moments.
  • It’s an exciting quest for anyone who aspires to shape a world of imagination in virtual space.
  • Is it possible to download Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk with multiplayer servers?
  • This is possible if you download a version above 1.8.0.

Final Words

Minecraft game is the game with full fun, adventure and excitement which will surely kill your boredom . This game will make you life interesting and  fun . It is specially design for people who loves art and craft . You can play this game by doing full optimization of it . You don’t have to face ads in this game . The gameplay is so smooth and fantastic . You will really love this game

The above writeup is related to Minecraft Apk. It is a very good and well-prepared game and thus this is one of the reasons why it is available for paid version on google play store. All you need to do is click on the link given and enjoy this absolutely free game. If you face any problem regarding the installation of the game then let us know in the comments sections Immerse yourself into fun building and exciting adventure. Hope all curiosity regarding pocket friendly Minecraft has been satisfied. For any questions or queries on Minecraft comment below. Just download and enjoy! or any more updates on technology and gaming stay Tuned All Mod Apk at ModsApkStores !


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Apk and what do you mean by Apk Download?

Apk is nothing but an extension of the Application file. In order to download the application file, we have used the term “Apk Download”. I hope your concern is clear.


Is it safe to download Minecraft PE Hack Application from Modsapkstores.com?

Modsapkstores has always tried to give our best to its subscribers. We guarantee that the game is 100% safe from viruses and is protected. You can safely download the game and explore the world of gays.


Where can I find Apk files on my Android Smartphone?

After downloading the application, please open the downloads folder from your file manager. Search for a newly-downloaded file named “Minecraft Pocket Edition”. Click on it and tap on “Install”. Let the system install the apk. Once it’s installed you can find it in the applications arena of your smartphone.

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