How to download Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Step-by-step guide

Minecraft BedRock Edition


Minecraft Mods is available in two models, each of which should be purchased separately when used synonymously. Picking the right version for you can be difficult, but we’ll do our best to make it easy.There are two version of “Minecraft” one is Java and second is Bedrock edition both are same but few different in both version of Minecraft.  If you can purchase the original version of Minecraft you should go to the Minecraft website which provides the Java Edition. And the best version of Minecraft you can grab and console, mobile device and through the Minecraft store is provide a Bedrock Edition. If you’d like to play Minecraft with your friends, make sure you get the same version they do, and double before you buy. If you check deap in Minecraft you will face more feature of choice and this feature explore to which type of Game you build and which type of Mode you play in.But you have a big choice for create a world which version is best for play a Minecraft. You can play Minecraft BedRock edition in PC also but don’t play in MAC and Linux and but opposite version of Java you can play every stsyem PC, MAC and Linux also and this is very Important point of the edition.  


his update is chock-full of building materials that will be available in our upcoming Village and Pillage update. Because the new villagers were not quite ready yet (they’re all busy studying for their creative industries), this update is more of a builder’s dream, with new stairs, walls, slabs, and more.


We haven’t forgotten about you, gardeners. The Lily of the Valley and Cornflower are two new flowers introduced to Minecraft 1.15.5  in this update! Cornflower fans, this means you can finally quit posting us millions of letters each month demanding that cornflower be introduced to the game. Your wish for daffodils has been granted. We also have a host of unique features hidden behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle in the world settings in this release. You must first enable Experimental Gameplay in addition to using these features.


Pillagers, the new Bamboo Jungle biome, lanterns, crossbows with new enchantments, and block identifiers for the new village blocks (they don’t work yet – hang tight!) are all available under the Experimental Gameplay toggle.

Keep in mind that it is called Creative Gameplay for a reason, so back up your worlds.


Players can, however, benefit from different bug fixes and general improvements, as well as new tools for map and add-on creators and the ability to dye the text on signs. The 1.16.220 patch update for Minecraft carries a whole slew of small but welcome changes.


BedRock Edition you can play friend and family


You want to play “Minecraft” with your friends and family members for different platforms you should buy the “Minecraft” Bedrock Edition. Using the Bedrock version you can play cross-platform meaning you can play on your PC.  


In “Java” version allows play with other “Java” users meaning if your friend has a “Java” version you can play with. 

BedRock Edition is the best most consistent performance


Despite the fact that it looks to be a simple game, “Minecraft” can put a lot of stress on your computer’s graphics card and CPU. If you’re not using access to a high-end device, “Bedrock” might be the best choice.


Although you can use mods to enhance the graphics in the “Java” edition, the “Bedrock” version runs more smoothly and reliably. This means fewer frames will be dropped and load times will indeed be faster.


BedRock Edition have a limits Modding


BedRock Edition has a limited Modding feature and using this feature you can add more features and add your game to a paid version. And Java version you can use for free.


If you plan on modding your game heavily and don’t want to be limited by Microsoft-approved modifications, the Java Edition is the route to go.


BedRock Edition is best for playing cross-platform 


On consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10, the Bedrock Edition allows for multiplayer. The Java Edition is only available for PC, and you can only play with the other Java players, which is severely small.


Please keep in mind that you’ll have to buy back the Bedrock Edition for each console if you want it on multiple platforms. Purchases of add-ons (such as texture packs) can, nevertheless, be brought over from other platforms.




  • You can change the color of text. 


Issue facing


  • Players do not access and join LAN sessions and without Gold subscription.
  • Paintings are invisible where they are placed.




  • Entity selectors are no longer of cheats disabled. 
  • You can’t do duplicate title commands. 



Movement prediction


  • On fifth servers, projectiles also disregard server motion packets.
  • When a game play correction or anomaly is detected, the server will modify the player’s fall distance to account for both the client player’s position. 


Movement prediction


  • CamelCase shorthand helpers have indeed been updated.
  • Blocks shorthand has also been updated to include only vanilla blocks.
  • When performing a game sample, there’s really exposed padding.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Latest Version


The latest Bedrock Edition version is 1.16. 221.