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Minecraft Earth


Minecraft Earth is totally designed for free movement and collaborative play and two main points are not possible in the current global situation. As a result, we’ve made the difficult decision to shift our money to other areas that support the Minecraft family, and support for Minecraft Earth would end in June 2021.

With the help of the HoloLens team, a team of engineers and game designers has already been dreaming up the future of Minecraft on mobile phones in the same building where Microsoft is designing the next Halo game.

In contrast, rather than the classic Minecraft PE experience, there is advancement in Minecraft Earth, with levels and experience points that really are close to those contained in a traditional role-playing game. In a community where everyone interacts, your character is never reset, and you always have the same materials.

Minecraft is the best game to play on Android and iOS and this is Microsoft. We saw holograms in the Microsoft HoloLens but Company wants to explore the technology using Minecraft Earth.

He has one part of the updated left and now Minecraft community releasing the last build of the game, and changing some part of Minecraft Earth as fun as possible. We hope that these improvements will allow you to do more exploring, crafting, and constructing while staying safe indoors. We’re starting with today’s update and here you also know about how to install Optifine Minecraft :

  • You will have to Remove all real-money transactions.
  • Reducing all ruby costs.
  • All finished, unpublished content currently in our pipeline is included.
  • Crafting and smelting time requirements are now being reduced.
  • Use radius boosts of the same level to replace unused crafting and smelting boosts.
  • ·Players who sign in between January 5 and June 30 will receive a package of Character Creator objects.

 How Many time Minecraft Earth Left from Market


We will end all content and service support for the game on June 30. This means that all development will come to an end, and you will no doubt be able to download or play Minecraft Earth after that date. Any Minecraft Earth player data unrelated to Character Creator and Minecoin entitlements will be removed on July 1 best minecraft shaders here .


What will happen to your purchases after removing Minecraft Earth in the Market?


All players with paying ruby balances will get Mine Coins that can be used to buy Minecraft skin and texture packs, maps, and even minigames on the Minecraft Marketplace. Plus, if you’ve ever purchased anything in Minecraft Earth, you’ll get a free copy of Minecraft (the Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition or ) so you can start fresh when buying in the Marketplace!

As a result, we’d like to thank all of the players and developers who really are bringing new adventures, mobs, and free in-game items for the group to enjoy while we complete our final game’s sunset date.

From the daily build challenges you smashed to the incredible builds you shared on social media, your reviews and designs took this game to a whole new stage. We’ll be forever thankful to the Minecraft community’s incredible talent. This was a hard call, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure you get the best out of Minecraft Earth before it goes dark.


Privacy of Minecraft Earth


How does Minecraft Earth use my location?


Our gameplay experience is based on location data. We use your location data to place objects and interactive things, including such tappables and adventures, in your immediate area.



Why Does Minecraft Earth Collect My Location data?


Adventures and Tappables are hidden in different locations around the world, and the game is built to be a geocaching game where players can interact with Tappables and/or adventures in their direct proximity. When you get close to, tap the icon on the screen to collect them, or interact with the Adventure as it becomes visible.


How does Minecraft Earth track my location?


Azure Spatial Anchors have been used in Minecraft Earth (ASA). Through ASA, we can perceive spaces, designate precise points of interest, and recall certain points of interest from device types. “Spatial Anchors” are precise points of interest. The following are examples of Spatial Anchors:

Multi-user scenarios. They make multi-user mixed reality applications like Minecraft Earth more available to consumers that are in the same place. Find your way around. Builds relationships between them, linking them to anchors in close vicinity to the current one and leading the player to the next task stage. Players will be able to collaborate more effectively as a consequence of this.