Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Main difference between Android and iOS both of Operating System is capable to customize of the any format. If you as a developer you can customize every part of the smartphone like experience and other important things but in iOS you can’t customize to anything. In the Play Store, there are a variety of launchers that can alter every aspect of your smartphone’s user interface, from the home screen to the google app to the way updates are shown. Nova Launcher Prime  Apk  is one such launcher, and there’s a high probability you’ve already heard of it.

If you didn’t use till date and want to know more about this before using it you can reach the best place here we share all about Nova Launcher Prime and here I also share where you get a free APK file for use Let’s get started.    


What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?


Nova Prime is the best premium version of Nova Launcher. And this version provides a more feature comparison to the free version. Using this all feature you can customize every part of your Android Smartphone and this is very helpful for customization to your Android Smartphone. Best point here is we want to share without pay you can use the best version of the app. Devices in heaven have become increasingly important in people’s lives. As a result, it has to have a look that reflects the owner’s personality. The phone’s screen and animations are now one of the most time flies of the user’s individuality.


Prime Feature Of Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Before downloading Nova Launcher APK you should know more about what is the Prime feature about the latest version.




You can use the launcher to quickly open your favorite applications without having to look them up in the app store. Easy motions that can be drawn on the home screen can be used to open any app directly. You can also configure actions to be carried out when you swipe over the icon of a specific app.



UI (User Interface)


Every device comes with a launcher that allows users to communicate with their devices. This is a protocol which has a direct effect on how humans engage with their devices. The integration would make it easier to handle the phones.  If there is a problem with the mobile, the phone’s publisher will notice it right away. People with strong personalities, on the other hand, dislike it. They want me to use unique products all of the time. Nova Launcher Prime has advanced characteristics that make it easy for users to upgrade the home screens. This app is always the right choice, whether you want to fully overhaul your start screen or simply need a cleaner, faster home launcher.

Change the default icon


Everyone wants to change the mobile phone default icon. And this feature makes a unique icon. And in the past it was very difficult to install the difficult theme. “Nova Launcher Prime” is very helpful to maximize every important thing. If you want to apply this theme you should download this app and install the theme. This type of theme is also available on the Google play and App Gallery. And if you visit you can find valuable resources in this theme. You should update on a daily basis and it is free to use. Every theme you can download on your device.



Night Mode and Dark Mode


This app also provides Dark Mode using Dark mode you can protect your eyes from the high frequency. Nova Launcher prime app is set at a certain interval. For example approximate 6pm this mode is automatically started and if the light is infected your eyes you can install the dark theme. Using this theme you can protect your eyes to the perfect level. Users install this and use it comfortably.



Setting Customizable App Drawer


It’s also something a lot of people are interested in, in addition to changing the look and feel of the phone’s interactive effects. Nova Launcher Prime can change the way you scroll vertically and horizontally. These effects are much more nuanced and fancy than the normal ones. However, due to the app’s power, they keep running smoothly and without lagging.



Smart Management for App Drawer


To keep your app drawer as clean and uncluttered as possible, Nova Launcher Prime allows you to hide any apps that you don’t use from your app drawer. This launcher also allows you to create folders and tabs within the app drawer.


More Scrolling effect


Nova Launcher’s basic edition contains scroll effects too though, but the functionality is limited. Many more scroll effects are possible with Nova Launcher Prime.



Look Here

Adobe Premiere

Blackmart Alpha

School Days


Nova Launcher Prime APK Download


If you want to download Nova Launcher Prime APK you should follow on this step.

  1. Click the link and follow the steps.
  2. Then you complete the download and phone ask a preferred location where you can install the app and if you want to change the app location you can do this.
  3. If done downloading you can click the ok button and install this very small file like 834 mb.
  4. If your downloaded complete you should follow the instructions and install the app on your device.



  1.       First of all you should go to the phone setting option.
  2.       Click the Security option.
  3.       Find the unknown resources feature and enable the feature.
  4.       Go to the file manager.
  5.       Click the specific folder where you saved the Nova Launcher Prime APK file.
  6.       Click the file and start the installation.
  7.       This takes time to finish.



Nova Launcher Prime is well with its yet another customization features that you won’t find in other launchers. Which is why it is one of the most popular premium Android launchers? And if it’s available free, there’s really no excuse not to take full advantage of it. So just go to the website and submit it by following the steps outlined above, and then you’ll thank us later Modsapkstores .



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