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Podcast Guru Apk

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Podcast Guru Apk is a single tool that lets you manage podcasts, radio, audiobooks, live streams, YouTube, SoundCloud channels, and RSS news feeds.

With Podcast Guru Apk, you can listen to the most recent episodes of your favourite shows, get podcast suggestions according to your interests, and keep track of your listening habits.

1.  Find podcasts that you’ll enjoy:

  • You may listen to all of your favourite podcasts for free if you subscribe.
  • Popular and trendy shows in humour, news, politics, music, business, TV and cinema, education, health and fitness, technology, arts, science, sports, and more are available to watch and share.
  • Find episode suggestions according to your preferences.

2.  Make your listening experience unique:

  • Faster playback speeds or skipping silences are both options.
  • Organize your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions with ease.
  • Organize your episodes into playlists for a more seamless listening experience.

3.  Wherever you are, pay attention:

  • You can listen and broadcast on numerous devices without losing your position – phone, laptop, smart speaker.
  • Stream episodes for immediate playing or have them auto-downloaded so you can listen to them offline and on the go.

What makes you think you’ll enjoy Podcast Guru Apk ?


  1. Management of downloads is simple:-

Stream content directly to your phone or download episodes to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet. To prevent using cellular data, just download material through wifi. To save internal storage space on your device, save episodes to external storage (such as your SD card).

  1. A banner-ad-free, frustration-free experience:-

Enjoy a clean, lightweight experience with Podcast Guru on your first day and every day, with an easy to use interface that doesn’t spend your time or bandwidth downloading irritating banner advertising.

  1. Powerful:-

Other podcast managers charge for features like sleep timers and variable speed playing, while Podcast Guru provides them for free.

  1. Excellent content:-

Find your favourite podcasts quickly and easily, or discover new shows from the millions of free episodes accessible online. Podchaser’s podcast evaluations and ratings assist you in finding the greatest content. It’s simple to import your current subscriptions in OPML file format if you’re migrating from another podcast player.

  1. Mode for the night:-

Respects your system choices, or you may customise it to fit your mood.

Listeners of Podcast Guru are now enjoying the most recent episodes of famous podcasts such as:

  • Crimes and their Consequences
  • Consolidate Conflict
  • Believer Skeptic Podcast (BSP)
  • Ties of Blood
  • History Has Been Defeated By Itself


Step 1:- Open Google Play Store

Step 2:- Tap to Search Bar

Step 3:- Type Podcast Guru Apk

Step 4:- Click on Install Button

Step 5:- Click on Open Button

Key Features:-

  • Based on your listening history and channel subscriptions, you’ll receive personalized suggestions.
  • Podcast daily trending and most popular lists might help you find new podcasts.
  • To share your thoughts with others, leave a comment on a Podcast Guru Apk .
  • You may use the search tool to find your favourite podcasters, channels, and episodes.
  • Subscribing to your favourite podcast channels with a single click ensures that you never miss an episode.
  • Share your favourite podcasts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media platforms.

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