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Taken 3 Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

Tekken 3 Mod Apk (Mod , Unlimited Money /Menu )



This is the action game you have to face many challenges .These challenges will increase fun in game . It has good graphics , fight against competitors ,easy to play , practice mode , survival mode , different characters to play . You have to download it from play store and can play without any restriction . There are different characters to play and enjoy .


Tekken 3 Mod Apk is completely unlock game . Here , you can unlock various levels after completing previous level . There is no any restriction to play this game . There are lots of advantages in this game with few disadvantages . This game is superb . So, it can be addictive to you .


Tekken 3 APK


This is the simple version of Tekken 3 . It is a fight and action game . You can get it in play store and play freely without any restriction .This version contains ads . So , while playing game you have to watch some ads .


Tekken 3 Mod APK


This is the standard version of Tekken 3 Mod APK  where you will get more exciting features .There is unlimited money in this mod version . Your game will not be interrupted in this mod version . There are different gaming  modes in this game where you can customize your character according to your choice .


Good Graphics


This game provides you 2D graphics . The gameplay is so smooth . The picture quality , sound , color and visual effect are good . So, you won’t get chance to complain .


Fight Against competitors


Here , you have to protect yourself and fight against your competitors . To get in new stage , you have to kill all your opponents .


Easy to play


This game is easy to play . the operating and controlling system is also good . With some few practices , you can be pro in game .


Practice mode


This game provides you a favor i.e, you can play game in practice mode . So, if you are beginners than you can play game in practice mode of MOD APK  .


Survival Mode


In this mode , you have to fight for survival and protect yourself .


Different characters to play


In this game , you can play by different characters like lei, Anna, eddy , Jinn, Law , King , Hwoarang , panda , etc .


Free From ads


The mod version is free from ads .


Complete Unlock Game


In standard version you have to unlock various stages but in mod version you don’t have to unlock various character and gaming modes .


No restrictions


In standard version , there are some restrictions but in mod version there are no any restrictions .




Its graphic designing is good

It is very interesting game which will add more fun in your life .

It is free to download and play .


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The standard version contains so many ads .



This game has lot of fun and excitements which will surely kill you boredom Modsapkstores  .


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