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Android is a free and open-source operating system that is commonly used today. Because this operating system is open source, third-party applications can interfere deep inside, modifying and changing specific features/interfaces to meet the needs of the users. Textra SMS is a great application that allows you to change your Android’s default messenger app. It offers a lot of useful features that let you write messages and talk with your friends or lovers.

Textra SMS is also selected and trusted by users given the fact that there are many other free messaging apps. This application currently has more than 10 million downloads and a 4.5/5 rating. In Textra SMS PRO there are more variety of customization options available and this feature will surprise you. The best part about this texting app is that you can customise each contact’s message ringtone. Best Feature in Textra SMS Pro is the developer uses all of the suggestions for helping to improve messaging apps. But we are aware that there are a number of premium products that we must buy before using them, which are incredibly expensive and most of the majority do not buy this product .


What is Textra SMS PRO Apk?


Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk is a cracked version of the official Textra SMS application where you can use all premium customization tools like themes ,emoji, unique text and use all of the premium features.


You can use the shoved emoji section and that is only available for regular updates.


  • Change theme color.
  • You can open a particular specific screen.
  • Copy any text.
  • Set an alarm.
  • Silent contact.


Textra Pro is a wonderful third-party messaging application that allows for a lot of modification that a regular messaging app can. It stores all sending messages in a separate format so that you can easily find all of your sending messages without any confusion.


Feature of Textra SMS PRO Apk


This app saves users important time by allowing them to send a double text that is only seen from the receiver’s viewpoint. It is far faster and available to so many users, if they are beginners or professionals.


Below I shared some Important Features about Textra SMS Pro Apk.


Add Free Experience


Advertisements are everywhere, depending on which free app you are using, which is the most disgusting part of using any app.


If someone is giving free services, they are definitely making money from the advertising, yet they are the best thing that we have in a free app from the consumer’s point of view. That is why we are providing all Thinkers visitors with the fully modified and premium version of Textra Pro Apk.


Scheduling SMS


This feature is very useful if you own a business or anything similar where you need to send SMS on a regular basis. So using this application you can do this.


You can schedule messages for all of your customers or clients and send them a reminder about your update services, pending transactions, and many other things related to the business by using the scheduling SMS feature.


Using this feature for all of your customers or clients and setting a reminder about your updated service, and many other important things related to your own business.


Different Text Option


The Textra SMS Pro Different Text option is my favourite feature and it is allowed to send the same message from over 21 different text sizes and surprise the receiver.


If you want to change the specific color you will select the preferred text font and change the color.


Dark Mode


Dark Mode is the best feature and everyone wants this feature in application. Dark More is very useful because it increases readability and reduce any efficient. You can also change the Color Contrast Ratio to your desire.


Group SMS Sending


This feature is allowed to send bulk SMS to every contact. As a result, it is helpful to those who need to send invitations to a large amount of information in a short amount of time.


Some More Feature


  • More Icon Colors
  • Block SMS
  • Schedule SMS Sending
  • Get Popup Notification
  • Experience Smooth texting experience


How to Download Textra SMS PRO Apk


If you want to download this application you will follow these steps.

Step 1:-  Follow the link and download the App.


Step 2:- Wait some time until the download is complete.


Step 3:- When downloading is complete then after go to file Manager and open the Text Pro Apk if you installing for the first time is asking some permission.


Step 4:- Go to the settings option in your device and enable third party applications.


Step 5:- Then going back and installing the application is taking some time.


Simple Interface


Textra SMS is a flat layout that is simple to use but not boring due to its advanced installation features. It works well with the Popup display feature.

Sometimes anybody who sends you a message will display the top of the screen and tap on the specific screen and open the conversion chat. And is very Similar to the Messenger app.


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I hope you’re able to download the latest version of Textra Pro Apk 2020 without having to use a pen. Now you may customise your texting experience with Textra SMS premium and change your message system. If you face any issue for downloading you should comment of Modsapkstores  .


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