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Toy Blast Mod Apk The Game Development Company “Peak” and this is known for developing exciting puzzle games.  Peal Update the 3 games on Google Play including Toy Blast, Toon Blast, and Lost Jewel. Toy Blast is the game that really has received the most interest from the players.

This puzzle game tells the story of Amy’s adventure – a young  youngster who loves toys and dreams of getting a vast collection of toys. Amy, on the other hand, has a habit of breaking toys all over the place, and it is the player’s job to help her gather them. So, what is it with this game that makes it special? Let’s look at some features and find a solution! Toy is the most popular puzzle game in the Google Play store right now. The game’s principles are simple: you easily slide the cubes of the same color to clear the board and get points. You get more points as you clean more cubes Mod Apk File is part of Puzzle Games .


The game is bright and colorful, making it more suitable for both children and adults who are bored on the trip or at work. With over 2,500 levels to go through and so much being added all the time, you can be sure you’ll never be able to finish this game. This means you may return to it when you’re bored and instantly delight yourself.

Toy Blast Mod Apk  Overview


Toy Blast mod apk has all levels unlocked, so you can play any level you choose without having to complete them at once. To advance to the next level, you must match two or more cubes. You also can combine the accelerators and ready for a massive blast, resulting in a collection of cubes that must be collected to advance to the next level.



Game is very Simple but some specific attention


In the device Toy Blast is a very popular puzzle game. However, it is very different from other Puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and Gardenscapes in terms of gameplay. Without always changing block positions on the grid, the player in Toy Blast connects two or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the grid.

You may think the gameplay is simple, but in order to finish each level, you must fulfill certain objectives, such as gaining 8,000 points or collecting 100 red blocks. Because you have only a certain number of moves, take use of your powers of observation to connect more blocks. If you finish your task and still have a lot of adjustments left, the game will transform them into TNT bomb blocks, detonate them, and help you in breaking more blocks.


Make Special Item and remove all block


Toy Blast allows players to create unique toys and improve the visual impact of the game. When you link multiple blocks, you’ll get items like rotors, TNT bombs, and colorful Rubik blocks. When activated, these items are capable of removing a large number of color blocks. The propellers, for example, may remove blocks in a row or column with it, the bomb TNT may remove four blocks nearby, and Cube may remove all blocks of the same color. To create these items on the grid at higher levels, players should think and observe carefully. Because the task becomes much more difficult as the level increases, and the number of moves reduces. It’s time to figure out the best way to play.

Toy Blast has a basic graphic with colorful blocks and wonderful toys, and the main character Amy is a naughty little girl. The sound is also interesting; there is background music that provides a beautiful, lovely feeling that allows the player to unwind for a time.

Toy Blast allows the players to link their social media accounts and track their progress. You may watch your friends’ progress and fight with them in the rankings here. Each level’s score will be compared to that of your friends, and this score can be reset if you reach a better higher score.



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Toy Blast Feature



  • Amazing Graphic and unique Games.
  • You can check types of toys such as caes, rockets, dolls, stuffed, and animals also.
  • So many have exciting levels of puzzle.
  • After completing each level, you will be rewarded with amazing goodies and extra benefits.
  • Playing it is simple and fun, but mastering it is difficult.
  • Compete with your friends and competitors on Facebook scoreboards.




Toy Blast apk mod is a fun match 2 puzzle game with a lot of unique features and bright colors. Get engaged in over 3500 puzzle levels, each one more difficult than last, and have fun playing this amazing puzzle Best Mod Apk  .

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