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In 2018, Maxim Karpenko released World Box Mod Apk , a mobile author’s 2D project in the style of a god simulator. You can design your own world here, creating and arranging geographical zones as you see right, as well as selecting plants and animals. You can develop intelligent life in addition to animal environments, with the ability to choose the course of civilization development. Do you want to play the role with the all god? You have such an opportunity right now. You can also try Mafia City and Pocket Ants if you like large-scale simulations.


Feature Of World Box Mod Apk


You Can create your own World


  Define the size of the land, the number of locations, the depth of the water, and the presence of random life types. You can create a random world based on the settings you choose. WorldBox lets you choose the depth of waters close to the coast when designing the face of your planet, allowing us to create chances for shipping and sailing. To create desert areas, soil surface areas, woods, rivers and lakes, or hills, select a landscape and environment. It is always possible to create a new map if the gamer does not like his own design.

Provide more tools for Show the creativity


You must go to the Forces of Chemical Warfare area in order to use natural or man-made calamities. Under addition, the acts selected in the Laws icon can aid in the regulation of relations between countries, peoples, and animal representatives. International law of established states and human behaviour are completely defined by the player. The development of colonies and friendly relations between nearby countries starts on the path of peaceful progress. Activating WorldBox’s peaceful existence feature activates a branch of aggression. 

Represent the type of civilization


Use your skills to introduce humans, monsters, sorcerers, and woodland elven to new lands. Each civilisation has its own distinct features and preferences. It is sufficient to establish many representatives of creatures in a  specific spot in order to establish a colony. Use features to define city and country limits. Cities have their own life, and players are not required to participate. When you zoom in on the map, you see how people cut trees, construct houses, and roads, while dragons dig ore, construct shelters, and elves construct amazing structures or cultivate fields. It is, however, impossible without fauna. 

God see arsenal


Get a large variety of skills, both imaginary and relevant to natural phenomena, in your arsenal. You can use WorldBox to send pollution, atomic bombs, and unique underground creatures to your subjects. Observe how small people deal with all kinds of crises and animals. One bear should be enough to cut out half of a village at first. Your test subjects, on the other hand, rapidly improve and advance in terms of technology. 

 Sound and Graphic


While WorldBox just has 2D graphics, there was not much to write about in terms of drawing features, graphics, music, and so on. In fact, we have a pixel game with lots of features and the ability to function on nearly any platform, which is its key selling point.


MOD Short Description


We want to draw your notice to a WorldBox mod that allows you to have free access to the game’s advanced features. You no longer have any restrictions, so simply follow the creation of your worlds without restricting yourself of anything.

Test Mod


Our staff has thoroughly tested the free WorldBox shopping mod and can verify its basic documentation. When you initially start the game, you can quickly upgrade premium and gain access to a variety of features. Your gameplay will only get more interesting and exciting from now on. We also used antivirus software to check the game’s installation file for safety.

The results of the tests showed no issues.

First and initially, you must start with creating your environment. Create basic human creatures and a diverse range of animals to populate the land. WorldBox also has a feature that allows you to diversify the produced environment and add specific animals. It could be demons, goblins, or other monsters, for example. What will happen next, though? All you have to do is monitor the situation from afar and keep track of what’s going on.

Because the user has good power, he has the ability to create a wide range of civilizations. Special abilities can be gained by some civilizations. However, don’t ever go crazy in this regard, because one race of beings will willingly start fighting another.


Summary About WorldBox


WorldBox is ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing and thoughtful activity.

This interesting game helps to explore a unique world that you have built yourself. View how humans and elves build cities, as well as how wildlife and plants evolve. You may even watch how different communities communicate in society.




How to Install World Box Mod Apk


We made every effort to make the downloading process as simple as possible for our online users. However, if this is your first time downloading a modified or hacked app from a third-party source, the following guide may be helpful.


  1. First of all press the download button and start the downloading.
  2. When downloading is complete and then save the file in the file manager.
  3. If you installing the app in the first time so is ask many time of permission before downloading you go to device setting and allow third party of application.
  4.  When downalodng is complete then c;ock the installation.
  5. And after some time you can enjoy your application.



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WorldBox Mod Apk is a free Sandbox game with demons and simulations. You may support energy and watch it grow in this free Sandbox god game! This Sandbox game is played without Wi-Fi or network service. And if you face any issue for downloading you can ask in the comment Modsapkstores .


Screenshots For Worldbox Mods

[appbox googleplay com.mkarpenko.worldbox&hl=en_IN&gl=US ]

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