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Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

Zombie Catchers Mod APK


If you are getting bore in your daily life then here is special game available for you called Zombie Catchers Mod Apk  . This game has lots of fun, excitement and pleasure . It will add more life experience in your life . In this game , here you have to catch Zombie and convert them into drinks, beverage , snacks and many other food items . You own a café where people comes to eat and drink . By doing this service business you can earn a lot of money .

It is the action game with lots of fun and amazing new features . This game is very unique .Its size is 77 MB . the genre is action . This game has unlimited money and resources . You will this game in app store for ios and play store for android version . So , you won’t have to worry about where to get it .

The Gameplay is very smooth and interesting . Here you have to find zombies and turn them into desserts, snacks , beverage and some other special food items . You will serve these Drinking and food items to your customers but you should not tell them that you make these food items through zombies .You can unlock various weapons, traps and upgrade those weapons . You can also explore different locations where you can find many zombies in MOD APK Game  .


Find Zombies

There are many locations available where you can find number of zombies . These zombies are very smart .So, you have to be more smart to caught them . There are awesome and amazing zombies are available and their taste will win the heart of customers . You have to hide yourself before catching zombies and make traps . Harpoon gun to catch them .


Turn Zombies into Desserts

After finding zombies , you have to turn them into beautiful desserts , snacks ,beverages and other special food items  and serve them to your people. You will have juice machine to make drinks . You have to smash these zombies before making drinks . You never let you customer to know that you make drinks by zombies as a ingredients . people love this drink , so you have a lot of chances to earn money .

Unlocked Weapons and Traps

In this mod version , you can unlock lots of weapons and guns to caught zombies and save yourself . There will be available premium perks for free which you can use to buy weapons . You can get harpoon gun and trap those zombies along with yourself and kill those zombies by your gun.


Upgrade Weapons

You can upgrade your weapons and get more power .In this version, you will get limitless money to buy weapons and upgrade them .


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Explore Different Locations

You can explore many locations where zombies are available freely . You can use drones to find location of zombies . These zombies are very smart . So, you have to play carefully and smartly to caught them and make drinks to serve your customers and earn a lot of money in Modsapkstores  .


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